"It's just that everything is better with you. My singing is better. My dancing is better. My everything is better."
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your tags on my real life and reel life post omg i love you! <3

well its true! haha, love you too babe 

"This rockumentary is going to have the excitement of a thriller, the laughs of a comedy, and the bloody guts of a horror film."

otp on the piano /// season 3

Austin & Ally Bloopers


the prom episode and the tcas air at the same time the struggle is real

tru   tp  

Aaah! Oh my god, 1k already?! I’ve only had this blog for five months! I just wanna thank you all; I still can’t believe it, why would so many of you follow me???!? In the words of Ally Dawson “I love you! I love you! I love you!” ♥ 

I’m just going to list my favorite (mostly) Austin & Ally/Auslly blogs, you guys inspire me so much with your perfect posts! 

allymoonsaustinswoonsgoosepancake, iamfinallyme, laurmaranoslaurmaries

Thank you again!  ♥.♥